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Guerilla Marketing: Going All Out With Your Business

November 22, 2012

Here is the thing, if you decided to delve into the murky world of business you probably knew that there were going to be challenges breaking through. What you were not aware of maybe was just how crazy competitive it is was going to get. In today's world there are so many small businesses whose owners are seriously trying to keep the fire burning at all costs. If you own a small business and have decided that you are just going to let things work out all on their own then you better prepare yourself for doomsday.

Running a business today means going all out and grabbing as much attention as possible. Oh yes, attention is great but there is something else; you need to leave a lasting impression on those that you are targeting. Marketing is everything in business; you simply cannot just sit in your office and hope that people will start streaming in and bring you the cash. If that is what you are thinking will happen then someone better punch you in the face and hopefully you will come back to the real world.

Now let us just forget about conventional marketing and advertising for a minute, why? Because it is just too expensive and may not always yield the desired results. So what is the alternative you may ask? Very simple: guerrilla marketing. In guerrilla marketing, you have to be a bit crazy; do not limit yourself AT ALL. The reality is that the economy today is not as good as it should be and as such, small business owners need to think outside of the box if they are to remain afloat.

Bring in just a few experts

So what exactly do you do; first and foremost find a few good Melbourne graphic designers and then together, come up with an out-of-this-world ad concept. You need to conceptualize something that can only be described as mind blowing. Another specialist you will need is a photographer; however, if you can take good photos yourself then do so as this will bring your costs down -- and this is exactly what guerrilla marketing is all about.

You will also need to find a web designer who knows what he is doing. Great website designs attract people's attention and keep them coming to your website which is obviously very good for business. Guerrilla marketing is not about sticking a billboard somewhere on the roadside and hope that everyone gets to know about your business; why; because everyone is doing that. That is not all; billboards cost tons of cash as well.

Blow their minds

Whatever it is that you are selling, have a graphic designer come up with a high quality, related graphic that you can bombard people with as they go about their daily business. Think big streets, building entrances, washrooms, parks and others. You do not want to look like every other business out there, doing the same old thing, you must come up with something that will get people talking and staring.

Shock people

In addition to grabbing attention, you need to shock people as well. When people come across your ad, they should not just talk about it; you have to design it in such a way that they will be left with their mouths and eyes wide open. Contrary to what some might think, you actually do not have to spend a lot of money to shock people with your ad campaigns. All you simply need is a good dose of creativity and lots of energy to get the message out there.

Play around with photos

Photography is beautiful more so if the photographer is good at what he or she does. Human beings are undoubtedly visual beings; taking advantage of this fact can do a world of good for any small business out there, again there i
s no need of spending a lot of money. It is really simple actually: have photos in the real world (streets, washrooms etc) and online. Graphic designers will again come in handy, in this case to do a bit of manipulation on the photos.

When people go online, they would rather view a photo than read lines and lines of text. Awesome photos speak volumes and therefore use as many as you can in your online marketing campaign. Ensure that you have a presence in all the social media platforms that matter.

Step on few toes

Here is another thing, do not undertake your small business marketing only on people that you are comfortable marketing to. It does not work like that in guerrilla marketing; you need to kick a few doors down and take as many hostages as you can. Go where your competitors are thriving and make the presence of your business felt (both online and in the real world). Present the business in such a manner that customers will see more value doing business with you than with your competitors. In short, show no mercy, search and destroy all opposition; on their own turf.

Brainy messaging

One more thing; you need to be smart with the words you use in your marketing campaigns. People love intelligent messages, conveyed in an intelligent manner. Whatever you say and however you say it ensure that whoever is going to read will have a smile on their face at the end of it.